“Pure Karma” – Former queen of Alaafin who was also thrown out of palace shades Olori Ajoke – Here is what she posted (PICS)

April 17, 20202

One of Oyo’s Ex Queen Oluwabunmi (Olori Jay) has reacted to the ejection of the youngest Queen, Queen Ola from Alaafin’s Palace saying it’s pure Karma.

The Ex Queen Oluwabunmi shared this in a post on Instagram where she gave thanks on the decision by the Alaafin of Oyo as she was also ejected from the Palace during her time.

According to the report, Olori Jay used to be the preferred queen before Olori Badira came to the palace.

She expressed her satisfaction as she claims her ejection from the Palace was a set up by other Queens in the Alaafin of Oyo‘s Palace and this happening with Queen Ola now is Karma on her part.

In her words “KARMA is a bitch….Alihamdulillah one million times”

See her post below;

In a video, Olori Ajoke denied the rumor that she was having extramarital affairs with KWAM 1. read more below

Queen Ajoke Adeyemi has put to rest the rumours that she has been sent out of the Alaafin of Oyo’s palace for having an extramarital affair with Kwam 1.

According to reports, Queen Ola has indeed left the palace on her own volition and it was over a different issue.

The source alleged that: “Badirah was looking for freedom as it wasn’t rosy in the palace. She was only making money from people that give the queens money whenever they needed access to the king.

She and her bestie – who is also Alaafin’s wife – Queen Omoh, recently had issues which later became messy. Badirah knew she was in trouble when the king recently went on a medical trip and took all his young queens except her.

She wanted to leave while he was away but he had instructed the palace guards and senior queens not to allow her leave. She was also stopped from representing the king at certain events.

She has been packing her belongings in bits out of the palace without anyone knowing. The day she finally left, the Alaafin had requested that no one should entertain visitors during the lockdown but queen Badirah invited one of her friends and hid her in the palace.

The king found out and asked her to tell her friend to leave or he would ask both of them to leave. That was the golden opportunity she was waiting for, so she packed her remaining items and left the palace with her friend.


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